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The first time I fell in love, It was all so beautiful. My world just changed. I started feeling happy without any reason I started smiling for no reason at all. I used to sing and dance and my world have become a happy place all of a sudden. I became conscious about my body I find myself standing in front of the mirror more often. isn’t love just the best feeling in the world.
You just want to be with her all the time you just write a poem about her because we keep thinking about them all the time. love is awesome and it makes our life more awesome.
there was a time when lovers were not this much in touch they didn’t have phone and internet to constantly talk to each other they used to mail each other not the electronic one?
postcard and letters were there but it’s not like this anymore. we have mobile phones which have thousand of messaging applications where you can send images and videos and a whole lot.
still, we sometimes fail to make our loved one feel special we just don’t make the efforts to craft pictures or videos for them.
but why we are here then? we are here with some beautifully written quotes and images which can really make your love happy.
 Love quotes  and pictures
If there is anything in this life I want to achieve?
then it’s you.
you are my world.
No matter what difficulties I face in life,
but I will always be there for you to hold your hand.
I used to think why I was put on earth before I met you.
but then I met you and i understood.
that I was put to make you happy.
I miss you all the time even when I am not thinking.
because you rule my heart.
i fell in love with you when i first saw you and 
i still cant get enough of you.
you are my favorite place to be.
I just feel like i am in heaven when i am in your arms.
i love this place 
i want to be here forever.
i just cant imagine my life without you.
You know what, i think about you when i sleep 
 I think about you when i wake up.
I think about you even when i sleep.

You rule my heart.
you are the queen and you just ruling.
thin heart is your kingdom.
I just want to marry you and have kids 
and I want to grow old with you.

Your arms are the place where i feel peace
where i feel safe
where i feel happy.
lets just cuddle all night and day.
how perfect it will be to be yours forever.
i love you.

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