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Hi lovebirds, How are you all? i hope you guys are doing great and full of love and speeding joys in each others life and growing each and every day as your relationship is growing. In our relationship sometimes we come across with such situation that our life seems hard and we feel like giving up on our partner but this is the time we should not give up on our relation and fight with situation and come out stronger so that our relation can also become stronger. we according to our experience have observed that there are phases in our relationships and that tough phase where most of the relationships die, comes in every relationship even i have experienced this issue in my relationship, but this is where we need to calm down and have patience and try to understand what went wrong. Sometimes the problem is not that big and our overthinking and overreations make them big or makes them complicated. I have seen sometimes by just keeping calm and listening to your partner can solve the issues.


Sometimes we just misunderstand what our partner is saying and why that happens ? Because we have stopped listening, this is really an art thats got forgotten by people these days people barely listen to people they jsut try to wait for pther person to stop talking tpso that they can speak their thoughts. We should to try listen to our partner and then we should analyse what she or she is saying and respond to it accordingly.


We often try to avoid conversations during fight but thats not the solution guys, I understand that we all have anger issues and we say unwanted and rude stuff during such times But we should understand that our partner is also a human and no matter what everyone feels bad when handled badly, If we need space at that moment we should tell them that lets go for a walk and not talk about this for a while or just tell them to wait for a while and then we will continue.

Quotes that can save your relationship – In the end of the article.

What is true love?

Acceptance: True love is about accepting someone for who and what they are, their flaws and bad qualities without trying to change them any day.

Empathy: It involves understanding and sharing the emotions of your partner. True love means being there in times of happiness and sorrow, and really giving importance and care to their feelings 

Trust: trust is the base of any relationship you need to trust your partner to make yourself secure about them you cant just keep your eyes on them all the time this makes the relationship and the person bitter with time i have seen people irritating each other with calls and messages when they are not around, this way you are just making them uncomfortable.. 

Respect: I think this one thing is what we all should be very careful about as i have seen that everything fades away with time but this one thing ‘ Respect’ is something that always keeps the relationship alive, if you maintain this single thing in your relationship you don’t have to think about other things much.

Commitment: Aah this one, in this genz generation, this is something we are afraid of, people are so much afraid of commitment that they sometimes escape from relationships and good people just because they are afraid of long term commitment but this should not be the reason behind failure of any relationship. True love is something that commit and be there in thick and thins.

Selflessness: yes we need to be selfless sometimes not all the time but yes in true love we have to put our partner’s happiness above our happiness because this defines true love, it doesn’t mean we loose our self respect. 

We have selected and created some beautiful quotes about true love and quotes that can save your relationship.

true love quotes
true love quotes
true love quotes
true love images
true love quotes
true love quotes

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