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Romance is a feeling whose depth can only be felt. Heartbeats get agitated when we meet with a loved one, and we feel like vibrations in our mind, it is called romance. Romance is not an expression of words; it understands the language of eyes and gestures. Love does not exist without romance.

Romance is like the road of love. If love is the destination then the romance is the trail, which provides maturity to love. It is not necessary that you love the person also loves you so much. Romance gets converted into love only when the feelings of romance is in both the hearts and the otherwise desires remains a dream. Romance is a way to bring two seekers closer to each other, to love them.

Romance does not mean romantic love and sexual acts, but romance means loyalty and love to achieve its goal. No person can achieve his purpose until his love and love for that work and his desire to do it will not be done. Romance is a lightning floating motility, craze, a madness, a scariness.
and today we are here with such beautiful and romantic love quotes and pictures for our readers.
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Romantic Love Pictures | Romantic quotes | Romantic Couples

Romantic love quotes

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