Best Friend quotes | Best friend PIctures | Best friend lines.

Friendship is the greatest gift we ever received in our lives. It is a saying that we can not choose who our parents will be but we can choose our friends. And friends live with us, they live every moment with us. They know us more than our parents because we spend most of our time with them, we share most of our secrets with them.
And in all these friends we have one very special friend. Whom we call our Best friend.With whom we share our dirtiest secrets. we share every single detail of our life with that one special person.
today we are here with some Best Friend quotes | Best friend PIctures | Best friend lines.
I don’t know how to thank god,
but I am very lucky that got you as my best friend.
Thank you for always supporting me in my bad days,
always caring for me when I was sick,
thank you for empathizing me.
Of all the gift God gave me,
you are my favourite.
You came into my life when I didn’t know the meaning of life 
and you made my life meaningful
Even the bad weather become good when i am with you.
i can survive anything if i am with you.
you are my best friend.
I love you for not being like everyone else when I get mad,
thank you for understanding.
that’s why they are just friend and you are my best friend 

Since our childhood to adulthood,
you have always been there as a support system.
thank you so much, I never want to loose you.

We will always be best friend.
 our children will also be best friend.

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