If you really like someone then you should tell that person abut your feeling because sometimes it happens that we don’t tell about our feelings and its too late.I also have waited for the perfect time to come and I will confess about my love and it got late by the time I collected the courage and the guts to tell her, sometimes we overanalyze things and because of that it gets late, we should not think too much about things when its about love ,its good to tell the person before its too late…

But before we tell about our feeling there should be a good bond and great friendship between you guys. The girl or the boy should feel safe and secure about the other person and. sometimes it happens that we directly propose a person before even knowing the other person and that creates a mess between friendships.

Just before you tell the person you should start showing him or her the affection the love and the care , she or he should feel the care you are doing for her and she should know that you will be there for her when she will need you. You must prove her that you are one of the best friend she has, so that she shares everything with you because when a person shares everything with a person they develop a bond which gets stronger and stronger with each day and she will automatically fall in love with you before you know it.

The hack to a good love relationship is a good friendship, develop a good friendship before you jump to propose the person, i also felt like proposing her everyday but it was a wrong decision thank god i have an elder brother who handles my furiousness and didn’t let me do that mistake thats why i am here with a beautiful relationship and long term commitment, we are together for more than 10 years and its a beautiful bond (touch wood) thanks to good and HER 

Okay so once you are done with everything and you develop a beautiful relation then you will be needing cute couple pictures and quotes to maintain that spark in relationship. And for that we are here with CUTE COUPLE PICTURES AND QUOTEs

 – Together is a beautiful place to be.

 – what a beautiful day and moment it was when we first kissed

– You are my happy place.

 – I want to see each and every sunrise and sunset with you

– Cuddling with you is what i want all my life

– I wanna see mountains, I wanna see rivers, I wanna travel the world with you, my love.

I wanna spend my mornings, my evenings, and all my life with you.

 – I love it when you see me and smile.

 – I didn’t choose you, My heart did.

 –  I want to fulfill all your dreams.

 – i love it when i hug you, i can feel our hearts connection.

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